Our Business

ALM Building and Design, Inc began in the mid 80’s as a interior design
company with focus on faux painting and ceramic tile kitchens and baths.    
Over the years the business continued to grow to where it is today.    ALM now
focuses on building custom homes on Lake James in North Carolina.     ALM’s
president and Licensed General Contractor Mary McCarthy has spent the last
5 years understanding customers unique needs and we pride ourselves on
building functional homes that meet those needs.    

ALM Building & Design, Inc. will make every effort to ensure each home is
built to the customer’s expectations of Design, Quality and Value.     ALM will
work closely with the customer at each stage of construction and allow
customer input where possible.   We treat each home as a work of Art and each
property as a clean pallet to work from.    The value of ALM custom
construction is the uniqueness and personal touch we put into your home.
ALM Building & Design, Inc

A list of references is available.   We are extremely proud of our
workmanship, our construction crews, and our company and encourage you to
contact any of our references during your decision process.   We are confident
that ALM can best meet your requirements for quality, design, pricing, and
functionality.    We look forward to working with you.