ALM Building & Design, Inc
Who We Are

The ALM team has experience in every aspect of business operations.   
Each of our staff brings a unique skill set to the company making ALM
an excellent company to work with.    We pride ourselves in working
closely with our customers in building quality, functional, competitively
priced homes.

Mary McCarthy  -  President, Licensed Contractor, and the creative
mind behind ALM Building & Design.    2
5 yrs experience working with
customers in interior design, home remodeling, and home
construction.     Mary's collaborative and creative interaction with our
customers ensures an exciting  journey to your dream home.

Matt McCarthy  -  Vice President and Financial Officer for ALM.    
Matt's 25 years of business experience in operations management and
international sales brings an effective operational and financial
perspective to ALM.    Matt manages internet communications and  
ALM's finances.